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Silent Co-creation exceeds the limitations of speech 

There is a reason why mutual silence is the strongest sign of respect at funerals. Why the actor uses moments of silence to emphasize certain words. Why composers need silence to create music and why the greatest thinkers throughout history has celebrated silence. Silence is not something we have to find individually. When we co-create silent spaces we raise to a wiser form of communication. This can be facilitated in companies and organisations to save time and avoid misunderstandings caused by overcommunication.

Silent Leadership

Learn how silence can be used as an empowering tool for authentic leadership..

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Silent Co-creation in teams

Use silence as a tool to gain maxium respect, understanding and creative ...

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Silence in workspace

We loose up to 66% productivity because of noice and excessive talking. See how you ...

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To throw monologues against each other is poor knowledge sharing and detrimental to your company's competitiveness. Try 2 minutes of silence in you next meeting.

Known benefits

Silent Co-creation workshops.

Do you want your next project to be a succes? Facilitating a work shop with the right mix of silence, talking and writing will boost your effectivity, team spirit and creativity. Silent Co-creation has shown to be a time effective tool for knowledge sharing, team building and strategic meetings. Less talking creates more value as you can see in these general statements from teams and organisations after a 2-hours workshop:

In silence everyone is heard

 In the silence we felt equal

 We were extremely focused

 We saw hidden details

We were relaxed and energized

 Being together in our own space

 A days work in 2 hours 

 Finally a time to think