Visionary leaders talk less

Cut down excessive talking to make room for thinking

If you want to stay ahead of time, take time to think. Just as you don't drink and drive, you shouldn't think and talk at the same time. Create a Silent Space in you next meeting. It can be as little as 2-3 minutes in the middle of the meeting. Agree to sit in silence together. No phones. No distractions. No meditation. No mindfulness.

5 reasons for creating and facilitating Silent Spaces in your work:

 Our brains can't process complex information with out "down time"

 Often meetings are battlefields where people talk, but don't listen

 You loose unseen potential when extroverts take space from introverts

 Noise is the cause of high blood pressure, stress and memory loss

 Those who speak loudest is not always those who think smartest.

Less ego, more team

 Less quantity, more quality

 Less words, more clarity

 Less conflict, more respect

Less misunderstandig

 Less stress

 Less meetings

 Less bad decisions

Less talk, more action

Silent Co-creation is cost effective and sustainable

You know about wasting time, if you have been at meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences where the agenda was filled with constant talking. Often without time for thinking theese meetings have been like candy stores for those egoes who love to hear themselves talk. One simple idea can take 2, 3 or 5 minutes to explain.

Benifits of Silent Co-creation:

Focus, focus, focus

Using Co-created silence to avoid distractions.

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos meets with his Senior Executives they start with up to 30-minutes of silence while reading their memos.

Increasing noise, technology and distractions is not making us smarter. Neuro-scientists know how lack of silence damages our brain - especially in the areas for learning, memory and emotions.

Comrehensive studies show how our brain becomes stronger with mindfulness and meditation, but there is one problem. In our busy lives most of us have a hard time finding time to practise these mindbased techniques.

The advantage with Co-created silence is that when we create the wordless space toghether we don't need to practise. We become focused. Our senses become alert. And at the same time we feel relaxed.   

Silent Space Facilitation is a perfect tool for the visionary leader. When they bring people together laders know that if they take their time in the right places, time won't take them. With constant talking we are in constant stressful and unproductive noise.

Shift the paradigm of great communication - make space for silence to respect your words

Speaking is linked to succes and effeciency, so the idea of partial silenec at a meeting seems unprofessional. But imagine a museum who puts all their paintings on one wall with no space in between. It would create a noisy mosaic where even a masterpiece would drown. Now think about all those meetings where words are presented woth no space in between. How many brilliant ideas drown in the noisy mosaic of words?

If you avoid sillence you loose the ultimate key to success

Most people feel awkward in shared silence. They find it too intimate and vulnerable. But think about it. Great successes in business and in life is all about human relations. And if we avoid silence, we avoid the powerful space where we feel more connected, close and intimate.

A Silent Co-creatiing meeting can be facilitated with up to 80% silence and 20% talk. The restricted time for speech makes everyone communicate much more precisely. They have time to reflect before talking. And they listen while others talk.